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Set - Children Comfort

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The Comfort sleep system contains all that children need for sweet sleep: a medium firm mattress made from Ecocell®, a washable cotton cover and an anatomical pillow.

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Descrierea produsului

Only the best is good enough

Only the best is good enough for our little ones! The children’s sleep system contains: the hypoallergenic Comfort mattress which ensures that a child’s spine remains in the optimal position during sleep; the Protect cover which protects against dirt; and an anatomical Memosan pillow that lulls the child to sleep. On purchase of the sleep system, you receive a 25% discount on the price of the pillow!

Cum functioneaza

More about Comfort mattress

The Dormeo Comfort is one of the firmer mattresses from the Dormeo range. The core of innovative Ecocell® foam is unique in the marketplace as it is robust, lightweight and allows good ventilation, while at the same time lets your body get complete rest and proper sleep from evening to morning.

The firmness of Ecocell® is ideal for people who have painful spine conditions as it prevents pressure on the spine which can cause muscle aches.

The anatomic and orthopedic design ensures a healthy posture during sleep, its triple protection against mites and fungi eliminates respiratory problems due to allergies.

The mattress encourages correct spinal alignment during sleep so the body is able to relax and recover during rest.

Sleeping on the Dormeo Comfort mattress means getting up feeling refreshed, rested and full of energy, ready to face a new day!

More about Baby Protect protective cover

The protective mattress cover is a very important part of the child’s sleeping garniture since it protects the mattress and the child against dirt which accumulates in children’s mattresses extremely fast. Since the mattress cannot be washed, the cover prolongs its service life and the bed can thus be used by the child’s brothers and sisters later on.

More about Memosan pillow

Dormeo Memosan is an anatomic memory foam pillow and is one of the most popular pillows in the Dormeo family. It is made of 100% memory foam – firm but comfortable material which is responsive to body temperature. Since it conforms to your body, it guarantees a peaceful, relaxing sleep with no strained muscles and pain in the spine or back.

The classic anatomic pillow is most suitable for people who usually sleep on their side or front since it provides secure support for the head and neck and eases the pressure on the shoulders.

It is highly recommendable for everyone who has to use a firmer pillow due to their health or the nature of their work, since the pillow takes the burden off the spine.

Recomandat pentru

Suitable for:

  • all who want for your child mattress which properly support spine and muscles
  • children with allergies and asthma
  • all who want to protect all types of children's beds from dirt and moisture
  • protection of baby change tables, mattresses, wheelchairs, car seats

Informatii tehnice

New technology means a thinner and environmentally friendly mattress

The Dormeo Comfort mattress is 15 cm high. For full support your body doesn’t need springs or special inserts that necessitate a very deep mattress and low bed base. A 14 cm layer of Ecocell® is the ideal thickness for the good of your spine and healthy sleep.

A thinner mattress looks elegant and also makes it is easier to change the sheets, while the smaller quantities of materials needed for production make it less expensive.

An additional centimeter of height is contributed by the cover.

Ecocell® is an environmentally friendly material as it is 100% recyclable. In addition, the mattress has an OKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate which confirms that the Dormeo mattress is safe, healthy and ecologically sound.

Practical to wash and easy to fit

The protective cover is 85% densely-woven cotton and 15% polyester. Such structure on the one hand guarantees softness and on the other the durability of the cover even when it is frequently washed and tumble-dried.

The cover is washable at 60°C and can be tumble-dried. It can be easily fitted onto the mattress using the elastic straps attached. Place it directly on the mattress and use a normal sheet over it.

Soft cotton cover free of charge for even greater comfort

Dormeo Memosan pillow consists of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The cover breathes and is at the same time sufficiently elastic to be easily removed from the pillow.

It is equipped with a zip which can be found at the lower middle part of the cover so that it can be easily taken off the pillow. When you wish to fit the cover after washing you simply put it back on the pillow.

The pillow height ranges from 7 to 10 cm and is thus suitable for people with narrow or medium broad rib cage span. It is very important that the pillow follows the height of you neck. If the edge of the pillow does not touch your neck, the pillow is too low for you.

Dormeo Memosan pillow comes in 30 x 50 cm size and is thus suitable for people who have a small or tall figure.

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